Centos+Postgresql (Docker)

To share the experiences to create docker containers of databases, for stream duplication of data via master and slave.

  • Windows home additon does not support Docker ce for windows.
    • You may encounter error when installing Docker with the installer downloaded from the official website.
  • Database services should be run standalone when the new container is created.
    • You may encounter D-Bus failure when you want to run the "posgresql*.*-setup initdb". This is solvable if your create a standalone command when creating the new container.

~$ sudo docker run -d –name=containername –privileged=true imangename:tagname /usr/sbin/init

  • "run" is equavilent to "create";
  • -d means the command is working at background;
  • –name gives the name of your container;
  • –privileged specifies the root privilege in the container;
  • imagename:tagname gives the image used to create the container;
  • /usr/sbin/init is the guard process running for -d.
  • "exec" works better than "attach".
    • attach does not have rich options to run script in the container.
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